how to set your financial goals?

How to set your financial goals?

Do you ever perceive you are working so hard but you’re unable to make a good income? Or you have been working your persuade, but when you look back you never have. Here’s the issue is that you have no plan for money saving. And you face this problem again and again. So in this article, you learn how to set your financial goals. 

What are financial goals? 

A plan for usage and savings of your money is called financial goals. Plans can be short-term and long-term. For example, if you save $200, it is a short-term plan. But investment for your retirement is a long-term plan. You may keep focus and accountable by setting your financial goals. 

how to set your financial goals

How to set your financial goals? I explain it in some steps: 

1: Write them down: 

How to set your financial goals? When you are sitting with your pen and paper, something new happens. You feel you can achieve all of them. So go ahead and make a promise to yourself by writing them. Also, note them into your mobile notes, take picture of it and set it on your wallpaper. The benefit of doing this is that you keep it in mind all the time. You can easily focus on them when you see them all the time. 

how to set your financial goals

2: Make them distinct: 

“I wish to better myself with money” saying this is too ambiguous. You should shortlist your financial goals. To understand how to set your financial goals I’ll explain it with one example. If you say you want to pay off your debt. In this, you show a specific area of your money. And in the next procedure, you will do that with your money. 

how to set your financial goals

3: Shape them countable: 

Now it’s time to how to pay off debts. So you pick the amount and count it whether it hit your goal or not? You look at your debt amount and your total budget and decide how much you pay for this. This estimation is countable. 

how to set your financial goals

4: Give a time limit to yourself: 

How to set your financial goals if you are not time punctual? Author Benny Lewis says “There are seven days in a week, and ‘someday’ is not one of them.” So stop saying that I do it someday. Just give a time limit to yourself and make it happen. But this time limit should be challenging. I also explain it with an example. If you have to pay $1500 a year. It means you have to $1250 per month. By breaking your goals into small pieces, you can easily achieve your goals. When you achieve small goals, it will motivate you and you try to achieve big financial goals. 

5: Stay tuned for your goals: 

It is very easy to note what are people doing and you think you can also do it. But comparing yourself with others is like a game which we never win. Make the best choice for you when you are setting your financial goals. Make a financial plan and stay tuned to it and cross your financial lines. 

5 common financial goals:  

I feel that it is difficult for you how to set your financial goals. You feel difficulty in how to set your financial goals. Here in this article, I explain some financial goals. 

1: Create the budget: 

Budgeting is not only the financial goal but its role as a base in every financial goal setting. Because budgeting is planning what you will do with your money. Your coming (income) and outgoings ( expenses) are included in budget planning. So do it every month. You know where your money go in this month. Through this, you gain momentum in different finance areas. 

how to set your financial goals

2: Raise emergency funds: 

In life, different situations will come. You can be ready to handle money problems like medical problems, car trouble, insurance fees, etc when you have saved money. But you can handle all these problems and take a rest at night when you know you have savings. You should start your financial goals with $100 in your savings. 

how to set your financial goals

3: Pay off debts: 

If you have any debt you should take it seriously and pay it. You are not able how to set your financial goals when you have to pay your debts. You can’t raise your money if you are paying for your past. 

how to set your financial goals

4: Savings for your retirement:  

Everyone thinks of good dreams for their retirement. But how did he make it possible? No matter how much you have planned for your retirement if you do have not enough savings you cannot fulfill them. For savings, you have debt free and have enough funds for emergencies. You should start saving 20% of your monthly income. 

5: Spend less and save much: 

People say that they want to spend less or save much but they don’t know what is the meaning of this. Budget monthly according to your income, use cash instead of debit card, and how to say No to people and yourself also. it never means you’ll not have fun but you need to think about how you set your financial goals and raise your savings. 

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Why and how to set your financial goals?

The main concept here is that how to set your financial goals and how they are important. Having financial goals change your way of seeing your money. You take care of how every decision affects your future financial health. When you have no financial goals, you don’t make savings. You cannot fulfill your retirement plans. You cannot face any financial emergency and it will affect your life badly. You will face difficult situations every time. So if you want to stay happy you have financial plans. You need to understand how you set your financial goals. When you are financially stable, you can buy everything and fulfill your dreams. You can invest your savings and get a handsome amount from this investment. 

how to set your financial goals


By reading this article you know how to set your financial goals and how much they are important in the future. You can also get a financial goal plan from this article and easily achieve your goals. You easily make fun and buy different things which you want. 

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