Best apps for long-term investors (2023)

Nowadays investment is very risky and difficult at the same time. Due to the pandemic, it is now tough to decide which apps are good for long-term investment and which will be more beneficial to one`s investment. Here are the 7 best apps for long-term investors (2022) that are good for long-term investment.

  1. Acorns
  2. M1 Finance
  3. We Bull.
  4. Stockpile. 
  5. Betterment.
  6. Robin Hood.
  7. Stash App.


Nowadays Acorns is one of the best apps for long-term investors saving and automatic investments. Acorns are famous for gathering up additional change from the p coming dollar. It works on the principle of ROBO-adviser i.e. it invests the money you have and at the same, also puts it into a saving account for side income. Acorns are a very instinctive and easy-to-use investing app. And it requires hardly five minutes to set up your account by providing your name, age, and how comfortable you are in taking risks.  

Acorns works as it gathers up all the purchases made from your debit or credit card to the closest dollar and then transfers the remaining money into your Acorns account. Where you can invest in Acorns investment portfolio of your own choice. There is another option in Acorn’s “Found Money“ plan which is quite similar to the feature of “app Swagbugg“.

best apps for long-term investors

Their offers are

  1. Core: ($1/month)
  2. Core + Later: ($2/month)
  3. Later + Spend: ($3/month)

Furthermore, there are three types of accounts i.e.

  • Retirement Accounts.
  • Taxable Accounts.
  • Checking Accounts with a debit card. 

A notable feature is its simplicity as it can be used by a college student. Acorns provide a free account for 48 months to students less than 24. This app enhances your investing habits as you invest money rather than keeping it in your bank accounts. This portion helps you to understand whether the Acorns are the best apps for long-term investors or not.

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M1 Finance:

It is one of the best apps for long-term investors without giving any money to brokers or any third party. M1 Finance is famous because it is free and user-friendly along with a low-operational cost. It allows you to select a large range of portfolios to invest in. This app takes care of you virtually and when you want to invest they give you an option to make a `PIE`. Then this PIE combines your investment options along with unique investment goals. Your finance options are exchange-traded index funds and bonds (stocks). This PIE shows how your investment money has been allocated to the preferred options. Furthermore, based on your return these PIE slices will expand or contract automatically.

best apps for long-term investors

M1 finances are free to use along with no hidden fees which is a unique feature. It also gives you a small business loan against your portfolio in particular conditions which makes it the best platform for fractional investment. One drawback of M1 Finance is that they don’t offer tax-loss harvesting. Its characteristics show that it is one of the best apps for long-term investors.


Webull is one of the best apps for long-term investors. It is basically a tech investing app. Webull is popular due to its no limitation of deposit one can deposit its highest or lowest as well. Moreover, everyone can receive smart investing tools that help in increasing profit in the market. Their trading tools and analytics build a financial portfolio for as little as $5 with the help of thousands of companies and fractional shares. You may expand your portfolio with the full range of investment products. Webull offers advanced charting tools, market news, alerts, and more to manage your investment portfolio.


Stockpile is one of the best apps for long-term investors and gifting stock applications. It was launched in 2010. This app doesn’t give stocks directly instead, they give them in the form of gift cards to those who buy stocks. For the usage of the stockpile, you have to be 18+ years old and a citizen of the US. The app charges you $0.99 per executed but hasn’t charged any monthly fees. There are two types of Stockpile Accounts i.e. Custodial accounts and Taxable Investment Accounts.

First of all, you set up your custodial account and for rewards, you can buy them via stock gift cards. The recipient of your Stockpile gift cards can use them if you buy stocks of well-reputed companies like Google or Amazon etc. one of the biggest benefits of this application is that you can acquire both exchange-traded funds and stocks as well.

And due to this, it is more affordable to invest in high-value securities. This application doesn’t offer any pre-made portfolio which means you have to make your portfolio you can’t buy it and you only have access to ETFs and individual stocks. This app is best for those who want to have a fractional share and wanted to send gift cards to others.

best apps for long-term investors


These are the best apps for the long-term investor’s race. Using Artificial Intelligence this app makes a significant difference from other apps. Betterment isn’t a typical investment app. It is highly automated when it comes to investment. They also work on ROBO advisor principles. First, they build a full portfolio of yours to match your risk bareness skills and how to manage time. Then they make your portfolio with their Tax-Smart Technology. Moreover, it takes care of your portfolio rebalancing which matches your goals with the best asset reallocation. Long-term investors see their long-term betterment plans. So we easily say that betterment is one of the best apps for long-term investors.

Betterment also keeps external investment (which is not invested in betterment). This feature gives you a chance to put all assets together. Betterment operates at zero and if you do a digital portfolio then you pay a 0.25% annual fee. 

Robin Hood:

This investing application is free stock trades. Robin Hood is very famous for free trading stocks as well as for cryptocurrencies. This app also gives free ETFs launched in 2013 and now growing into 4 billion leaps. Robin Hood also operates on zero minimum balance and is highly navigable along with easy to use. Although this application doesn’t have abundant features yet this is a useful trading platform at a notably reduced cost. It doesn’t charge any commission money and it also gives an enjoyable mobile experience. it is also one of the best apps for long-term investors.

Overall, their mobile app opened investing to a completely new market of people. Using this app makes it easy to buy and trade stocks and cryptocurrencies. Their crypts are pretty limited compared to platforms like Binance but they include

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
best apps for long-term investors

Stash App:

Stash is excellent for value-based investments and is simple to use as one of the best apps to acquire fractional shares. Anyone can open an account with just 5 dollars and withdraw every week even if the payment is less than $5 and have to pay a 0.25% annual fee if they have $5000. 

There are 3 types of accounts i.e. IRAs, custodial accounts, and taxable accounts. In Stash, one can select from more than 150 stocks. With such a good selection of possibilities, you can locate investments that suit your preferences. They also offer investment themes comprised of a collection of companies you can invest in. Here are the 7 different applications in which you can invest in 2020. Staches are the best apps for long-term investors.

best apps for long-term investors


You can easily choose the best app for long-term investment by reading this article. This article explains the importance of investment and the best apps for long-term investors (2022). There are a number of great apps that are designed to help long-term investors manage their portfolios. These apps provide you with the tools that you need to track your portfolio, monitor the markets, and generate income.


Q: What is the best app for long-term investors?

The best app for long-term investors is Robinhood. Robinhood is a free stock trading app that lets you buy and sell stocks with no commission fees. It’s one of the best apps for long-term investors because it’s easy to use, there’s no minimum balance to open an account, and there are no fees.

Q: What is the best app for investing?

The best app for investing is probably Wealthfront. It is a free app and it is easy to use. You can invest as little as $5 a month.

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