how do we make Passive income to build real wealth?

How do we make Passive income to build real wealth?

What is Passive income?

Passive income is the way of earning without doing much hard work and gathering very large labor. This method is adopted for less income for maintaining the lifestyle. Exp; a student or females at home also including employs do join this earning technique. In this article I will describe, Is everyone needs passive income and how do we make passive income to build real wealth?

Even US, IRS takes this type of earning as the second income. Where active income is at first and portfolio income is at third number.

Usually, we work 9-5 (8h/d) this seems good but not every time these 8 hours pay enough for living a dreamed life. What we wanted to increase our current income and I mean money. This article will help us to learn how we make passive income to build real wealth.

how do we make Passive income to build real wealth

There are a lot of ideas by which we make a passive income from home. Some of them are given below:

 1: Start a drop shipping store: 

Dropshipping is a business model in which you don’t have to buy inventory. In which you select the products that you want to sell. As we sell the product our supplier sends the product to the customers. We don’t need to store the products or have other problems like storage, labeling, and packing.

how do we make Passive income to build real wealth

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 2: Build and monetize a blog: 

How do we make passive income to build real wealth through blogging? First, we start blogging on our own. We need to write a good blog and publish it on our website. After this, we need to generate organic traffic on our website. You make money by selling ads and selling your product and services. 

 3. Create and sell online courses: 

The question is that how do we make passive income to build real wealth by creating and selling our articles? In this, your first step is to choose a course that you want to sell. You should need to build your online courses. After all this procedure, you select the host and place where you sell your online courses.

how do we make Passive income to build real wealth

Some more are, 

  • Create or buy an app
  • Invest in the stocks market
  •  Buy and sell properties
  • Rent out your spare room
  •  Become an affiliate marketer
  •   Sell your videos and photos
  •  Buy and flip websites
  •   Ask for company stocks
  •   Start a YouTube channel
  •   Sell your photography

I mean not to go for one or more from this list but do our full-time job first and then learn how do we make passive income to build real wealth and make our financial future better by choosing any of these. By choosing a good passive income idea to build a wealthy income we easily attain financial stability. Here, I want to share some stories: 

My friend from Spain, Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio (traveler blogger) 

I am impressed with my friend from Spain, Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio, a travel blogger and his income from blog writing is so satisfactory that he has visited more than 46 countries worldwide. The time when he came to my hometown for meeting me from Spain, he tried to make me understand how do we make passive income to build our real wealth by writing blogs. I may start this soon because I think I can choose this passive income idea.

He gained 1M readers on his article published on the topic of Travel in India. 1 million readers mean enough money that you can’t expect. 

He charges Rs.1lac to Rs.5lacs for a TV interview. Make an idea

In your mind how many advantages are there and how do we make passive income to build real wealth?

 Are you learned how do we make passive income to build real wealth from Christiano Rolando?

This is the topic of his Instagram story posting. Christina Renaldo is a famous and popular football player from Portugal and he is the top Instagram user having the largest number of followers. Such a big audience. He has almost 400M followers on Instagram.

While I was thinking about how do we make passive income to build real wealth. Publish Instagram sponsored posts idea comes to my mind. And this is at 5th number in the list of passive income ideas. Christina Renaldo takes advantage of his large audience. He charges about $1.4M for posting a single Instagram story that remains only for 24 hours and sometimes it remains for a few days. However, this is a very big amount of passive income. We cannot aspect this large amount but we can create a litter less.

What we have to do is post videos and photos regularly on specific content. Because people like to follow a regular and creative personality. Like you can post funny videos, technical videos, informative videos, etc. One thing you have to keep in mind is this would happen I mean it could be your passive income only when you post your content. Shoot videos with your face and voice. 

Khabar Lame also became a millionaire in just one year by following the above method. He is a famous Tiktoker. He creates reaction videos and still people love him. He has top 1st largest audience on Tiktok. His Instagram following is increasing daily even though he never speaks a single word in his videos. That is his now passive income source. We should need to learn how do we make passive and build real wealth like KHABAR LAME.

I am an adventure lover: 

Adventure is an unusual and risky experience. There is no one reason why anyone should enjoy his or her life. Fear is the moment of your real life. Every time you experience fear, or any kind of feeling that makes your heart pump Dev’s journey is similar to all of ours; he has to face challenges and overcome them in order to reach his If you are not careful, there are so many ways to make money online that it can be very hard to tell what works There are hundreds of ways to earn money online and this is how he earned his first income online. We’re a photography company. We can shoot nature images and sell them online.

Is Nature photography the source of passive income?

My neighbor is a government employee and he is good at photography. I am a fan of his clicks. He captures nature in his camera. I could never understand how he creates such ideas for photo shooting that a normal user can’t imagine. He told me one day when we were sitting together and enjoying a cup of tea and luckily I am enjoying my tea right now, hahaha! However, he told me that he sells his photographs somewhere on the internet and they pay me good money. The first question came to my mind how do we make passive income to build real wealth through photography? He explains to me all the procedures.

how do we make Passive income to build real wealth

How do we make passive income to build real wealth from YouTube?  

I don’t think someone of these ages could be unaware of YouTube. YouTube is a platform where you can stream different types of videos including Islamic Learning, games, movies, health tips, dance, songs or music, life hacks, tech videos, etc. This is free and you can do any of these any time anywhere.

What is for me?

By reading all the success stories I know how do we make passive income to build real wealth. But this is not enough because you are on my article. YouTube allows everyone to upload any type of video from anywhere in the world. For example, you are in a city, you are in the village, you are at work, you are at home, you are in Pakistan, you are in Africa even in space you can upload your creativity on YouTube at any time. And the advantage is you have no limit on uploading data. Upload as much as you can.

Why upload on YouTube?

Good content always goes viral. If your content is creative so there are possibilities to go viral. If this happens then this is good news. YouTube pays you for your content after some demands YouTube. This is not an issue but your content must be creative and should go viral.

YouTube has its algorithm which is followed by each YouTuber. This is YouTube’s policy for maintaining it and paying you back. Now if you think you are much creative and you published any idea or content so go for it and earn passive income.

how do we make Passive income to build real wealth

How do we make passive income to build real wealth and how to make it possible?

If you want passive income so you have to take a step toward any of these. You have to learn a new skill that could change your future. Many online courses lead you to your idea. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. The first approach is to free courses and then choose some paid courses if you think okay to pay.

Is this affects daily life?

Of course, whenever we try to gain more, this asks us for something in return. Time is only essential everyone needs to spend extra. Why? Because extra money is charging your ATM card.


After reading this blog, you know about how do we make passive income to build real wealth. You should select one idea and earn a passive and smart income by this. This blog will help you to select a way of spending healthy wealthy life. 

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