can you file your taxes twice

Can you file your taxes twice?

The filing of taxes is not easy. If you are responsible for filing your taxes, then you surely know how it is stressful. During the filing of taxes, you need to care about all the things. A minor mistake can create a lot of confusion and potential financial consequences. It means you face a lot of pressure during the filing of taxes. In this post, we see how can you file your taxes twice and what is the reason behind this. You can get complete guidance about how to protest property taxes and win. 

But due to the pressure of filing taxes, the best people also can make mistakes in the filing. It didn’t matter if they file the taxes the first time or the second time. If you know this can you file your taxes twice then its impressions create a panic situation for you. Now I discuss all the information about whether you can file your taxes twice or not. If it is possible then what are the criteria for this? First, we discuss, whether can you file your taxes twice. So let’s start. 

Can you file your taxes twice? 

It is technically possible for you to submit the file taxes twice for the same year. You can submit copies of taxes physically and also through the IRS online portal. But if you think that two tax returns are accepted for the same year, then you are wrong. It is not possible. It doesn’t matter many times you submit the tax file, but only one file is accepted in one year. So, the answer to can you file taxes twice is no. 

can you file your taxes twice

Reason for why you file your taxes twice

There is a couple of reason why people file taxes twice. So let’s see the reasons.

Sometimes, due to forgetfulness and confusion, people can file taxes twice. It accidentally happens in this case. The reason is that you know life is full of tension and stress. No one can file their taxes twice. But sometimes they forgot that when they file their taxes. So they file the taxes twice a year. 

The second and very common reason to file taxes twice is to remove the error on the first tax form. When you feel you make a mistake on your tax return form, you can file the taxes twice with the correct information. 

However, submitting the return tax form twice is not recommended because it can create a lot of confusion. I will explain shortly how this confusion occurs. When you file the taxes twice, the two forms of the same security numbers are submitted. So it creates a lot of confusion. 

What happens if can you file your taxes twice?

The main problem comes to people’s minds when they realize they file the taxes twice, whether they are fined or not. If you are in this situation of worry, it is good to hear that you don’t have to pay any fine for filing taxes twice. Tax fines are paid by individuals who pay taxes later or do not pay taxes on time. 

During the filing of the tax form, if you do not show your monthly income, you should not pay the fine in this situation. The first time filing tax is mostly by IRS. That’s why filing taxes twice is not a powerful strategy.  

When the first time tax has been submitted, then any change in this submission will be demonstrated by an automatic system and it is already linked by the same social system. This demonstrated form will be checked by IRS to check that the second submission was a mistake or a tax fraud. 

can you file your taxes twice

What to do if you file taxes twice? 

Sometimes, you file the taxes and don’t know what to do next. Before correcting your mistake, take a deep breath. You do not need to do anything if there is any difference in your submission. It depends on the reason for filing your taxes twice. 

When you filled in tax twice accidentally, but you put the same information in both forms, you don’t need to do any further steps.  

When IRS received the second time filing, they investigate this double submission and declare this submission was an error. The IRS rejected the second time submission and you received a message from the IRS of error. 

Sometimes, you filled in the taxes twice to correct the mistake in your first submission. In this case, you need to fill out an amended return tax form. This is 1040X from and after completing you need to submit it in hard form. When your 1040X form is submitted and proceeding by the IRS, you receive a message stating that your first form has been updated. 

If you didn’t receive any message from IRS about the amended tax form then you should contact with IRS directly via a toll-free customer service phone number. 

can you file your taxes twice

What to do in fraudulent double taxing?

 Sometimes, you received a message regarding the submission of double texting, but you know you do not file the tax twice, you should inform to IRS and Federal Trade Commission immediately. 

Sometimes it is due to a technical problem. But it is also possible that use security number is used by someone in another fraudulent way. This is a very sensitive matter and should be investigated as soon as possible. But its investigation takes up to 6 months. 


This post can give you the answer to your question can you file your taxes or not? IRS does not allow you to file taxes twice with the same security number in the same year. But case if you file taxes twice, there is no need to become panic. For correcting the first tax form, you should apply through the 1040X form to amend the information. 


Q: Can you file your taxes twice? 

No, you cannot file the tax twice. But in case you file the tax twice, the IRS will reject the second submission automatically. 

Q: What to do to correct the information in the first file tax form? 

For correction, you need to file tax through the 1040X form to amend the information. You should submit this form in hard form. 

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