is 85K a good salary

Is 85K a good salary?

We see that people do very hard work to reach five figures jobs and want to know how is 85K a good salary. But by earning 85K you can easily solve your financial problems easily but it is not sure that you spend a more luxurious life with five figures salary. Your standard of living always lies between your income and your outgoings. It means your outgoings play an important role in your life and also in the management of your financials. In this post, we see that is 85K a good salary or not and whether is it enough or not. So stay with me and continue reading my post. 

First of all, we see the factors which can impact your spending and your salary. So let’s start: 

How does residence impact your financial position? 

Before deciding about is 85K a good salary or not, check your residence location. Because your salary also depends on the region and your living place. The average income in the United States varies from one state to another state and even from one town to another town. If you are living in an expensive place like New York, or San Fransisco then maybe an 85K salary is not good for you. Your expenses like transportation, food, rent, utility bills, or debt payments all are part of your living and essential for you. In these places, your expenses are high, and maybe 85K is not good for you. 

How do monthly expenses impact your financial position? 

I already explain that your outgoings impact directly your income or financials. By calculating your outgoings or expenses, you can easily control how much you need in a month. This will include your essentials, your debt payments, and any your degree loan. So, you can say that 85K salary is not too good for you. 

But by cutting down your expenses, you can decide that is 85K a good salary good. Cut down your expenses and they will impact a lot on your financial position. Make your savings also. 

How size of the family impact your financials? 

To tell that is 85K a good salary or not, your family size matters in this situation. Depending on your family size, you should fulfill your expenses. But it doesn’t mean that you spend all the money on your bills. But if you have a large family size then it; means you need a large amount to meet your expense. In this, 85K is not good for you. 

According to the study, the average annual expenses for four members are $68400 in New York in 2020. It is clear that if you are making 85K salary, it is higher than the national average amount. Each member needs basic like food, clothing, place to live. So for the larger family, 85K is not enough. 

is 85K a good salary

How do unexpected expenses impact your financials? 

Life is not a bed of roses. Difficulties are a part of life. We have no power or authority to stop them. The difficulties usually come at that point when you have no hope for this. If you are living and fulfilling your expenses with your monthly, then due to unexpected expenses 85K salary is not good for you. 

To save yourself from them, make an imaginary picture of it. And save the amount for these unexpected expenses. No matter whether the unexpected expenses come or not, make your savings. To protect yourself from this you need to have a job of 85K or greater than this. Now, I will tell you about the different jobs in the United States that have 85K salary or greater than this. 

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Jobs of 85K salary in the United States: 

If you want to earn and know is 85K a good salary, there are some jobs described in the below section. Take notice of these jobs and an 85K salary is usual in this sector at entry-level. Let’s examine them now: 

Jobs Salaries 
Statistician $102,404
Veterinarian $103,607 
Mathematician $99,407
IT manager$89,377
Health care manager $89,645
Physician Assistant $106,514
Software engineer $107,863
Chemical engineer $87,500
Real estate agent $90,000

How much do you earn per hour with an $85K salary? 

It is beneficial for you to know how much you earn per hour with an $85K salary. Because sometimes, you do a job on an hourly base. After calculating, you earn $43.59 per hour with an $85K salary. 

How much do you earn per month with an $85K salary? 

After the calculator, the average amount of your monthly salary with $84K salary is $7083. We calculate this by dividing the total salary by the number of months in one year. 

How much do you earn per week with an $85K salary? 

It is amazing how much you paid per week with an $85K salary. For the calculations, we divide the total salary by 52 weeks. And the average amount for the week is $1539. 

is 85K a good salary for a single? 

It is amazing to talk about whether is 85K salary a good for a single or not. Because everyone wants to live a luxurious life if you are single and no one depends on you, it means you have enough time for your spending. So, we say yes in the answer of our that is $85K a good salary for a single person or not. 


If you are making an 85K salary then it is a good amount for you. After reading this post, I hope all your queries about is 85K a good salary or not. If you are living single and no one is dependent on you, you can easily live a luxurious life. You should make savings because unexpected expenses come anytime. By cutting down your expenses, you can make this salary good. Cut down your expenses and they will impact a lot on your financial position. You can easily pay your debts within an 85K salary if you are single. 


Q: Is 85K a good salary? 

Ans: Yes, 85K salary is a good salary for you if you are living single or you have a family or dependent people. But, it is not enough for those who have large family sizes. 

Q: Different jobs that have an 85K salary or greater than this. 

There are different opportunities available in the United State which have an 85K salary or greater than this. The jobs are Statistician, Veterinarian, Mathematician, IT manager and etc. 

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