To Earn Money? 5 Side Hustles popular in 2023

Side hustles are an extra occupation undertaken beside a regular employment. If I walk you through to some of the entrepreneur’s journey you will realize the importance of picking a right side hustles make them reach to top of their career. It’s important to take a step back and think what you actually love doing and it pays well also. Once a famous singer go down to the street and sang for whole day no one gave him the attention he use to get in the concerts. What you think was the problem here?

Problem is he was singing in front of wrong audience. These type of small events make us feel good or bad. So if you are up for the challenge and want to act then I have a good news for you; you will become a success.  Imagine you are on your lunch break went to grab a coffee from a shop near to your office and you see around you some people with laptops who are working and also enjoying some music. Do you not want that freedom? You must be working tirelessly, a new parent who wants to make money and stay home with your child. Yes you need it then try exploring these five hustles this might be helpful.  


#1: Copywriting 

Post Pandemic there are so much tools that are becoming more and more useful to assist copywriting. As for most businesses that have gone online require a good copywriter. Becoming a copywriting expert will change your life and give your that freedom that you always aspire.

If you are new to copywriting don’t worry just think of it as defining purpose of a business and making sales. You can take inspirations from many of the major brands websites. Take a look as ad campaigns on Facebook, social media, emails, promotional campaigns, website copy, and sales pages. This skill has much higher demand and also predicted to be in demand for years to come.  Copywriting can be done for any language in the world.

Bonus Tip– You can be an entrepreneur by publishing your book on Kindle
Copywriting is one of the side hustles that can give you freedom and also as it is the most crucial aspect of marketing  because of this you will be paid more.

Alright, now here is another side hustle you may want to consider…


#2: Project Management

To ignite your entrepreneurial skills project management is one of those skills that you already have if you are a father and taking care of your family, or a women who manages her family.

Project managers are considered the left-brain organizational task masters. Their role is to take responsibility of the project from start to finish. You will supposed to manage the project in the declared budget ant meet the completion time deadlines. Often times you will be delegating tasks and monitoring the deliverables.

If you are a very organized man/women then this side hustles is great that allows your interpersonal communication, and problem solving skills to test. Platforms like Asana, Hive, Basecamp, Trello are popular to manage projects and teams from anywhere in the world.

If you are a very strong personality and can foresee productivity, then this can be one of the side hustles for you. A lot of companies are looking for trainable project managers who fit these qualities. I am very sure that you can do this.

Ok, moving on to 3rd on the list…


#3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else product and getting a percentage on their sales. This affiliate marketing gives you a freedom that you can be working for multiple brands. For every sale you get commission. It can be a product or a service. For example someone recommends you something and you buy through his/her reference then that person has done affiliate marketing and would have earned a commission.

So what you need is a large list of network who you can influence. Selling is one of the best skill that has a potential to make you billionaire overnight. In a way it links to copywriting skills. If you are approaching the hot leads then turning them into sales is easy.

For example, You refer a merchant to Shopify that will pay you $2,000 for every merchant you refer! Isn’t that great  

There are many affiliate products on Clickbank that you can sell on behalf of vendors around the world. All you need to do is to sign up for an affiliate link and start promoting to earn commissions. 

Bonus Tip- You can join different interest groups on Facebook or Quora share the link there will help you.

Ok, moving on to 4th on the list of side hustles to make money from home is…


#4: Virtual Assistant 

Most business after pandemic have switched towards online businesses. With that much traffic there is more and more demand for virtual assistant. This growing demand is expected to rise in 2023 as well.

Virtual assistant is very vast field. There are countless skills that you can offer. Making your learning curve faster makes the all-important difference in becoming a successful virtual Assistant.

Every brand is in pursuit to acquire as much business as possible. With this expansion model virtual assistant is best suited. Irrespective of where ever you are in the world there is always an opportunity open for you. The Freedom you get with this type of side hustles is almost unmatched. You can experience a life of an entrepreneur.

You can be your own boss, working at your own time, making your own quote.

Tasks such as compiling meeting notes, research, proofreading and other administrative tasks are the responsibilities of most freelancers.

You can start on Upwork or Fiverr.

Bonus Tip- When you are starting new to these platforms never doubt your ability always post about your skills on LinkedIn on regular basis this might help you find work by its own.

Ok, moving on to 5th on the list of side hustles to make money from home is…


#5: Community Management 

If you are a people champ, community management would be the perfect side hustle for you to start earning money from home.  Community management can be customer service (managing customer requests via phone, email, live chat and inside customer membership areas. 

It could also be managing someone’s social media account and engaging audience replying to their comments. It is one of the skills that most businesses are looking for. More and more channels to interact with the audience the more important the role is becoming.

Bonus Tip- Always start by helping, you can help by helping struggling youtubers for example.

Success comes with time, however always remember all you need to do is to take action. If you have questions email me. Read More

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