easy side hustle for extra money

Millionaire in 2023? Easy side hustles for extra money

Easy side hustles for extra money is different from person from person. There is a book called “We Should All Be Millionaires” This book talks about how woman’s can build wealth, earning More, and Gaining Economic Power. The author Rachel was the first person who said “you can’t be a feminist if you’re, you can be one in mindset”. In her book she emphasized on taking action, she said that without taking control over your financials just for resource is no excuse.

So let’s say you wanted to leave an abusive partner, or you want it to put a woman who aligns to your politics and office. Both of those things require some sort of money to be able to stand on your own two feet and move into an apartment or to be able to contribute to a campaign. Author targets women to realise that they all need money and she speaks of Easy side hustles for extra money.

A lot of the things that are feminist by action requires some money. So her argument was that you can’t really be a feminist if you’re broke, and that’s what she uses as her motivation. That’s her internal kind of motivator to continue to build wealth is this acknowledgment that when women make more money we actually do great things we change the world pushes you to do it and I think it’s because sometimes even though you are an expert in a subject or you’re well versed.

Have lots of examples, sometimes there’s a way that the writer packages information that makes it cut through and I don’t know if it’s because Rachel is a former attorney, but she just has this way of trimming all the fat off of words and getting straight to the point and opt a millionaire strategy. Strategy is to take action and actually start easy side hustles for extra money.

easy side hustle for extra money

What is a feminist thinking and how to elevate challenges

You can’t be a feminist if you’re broke. The way that I fight is I go and I make money and I teach other women how to make money too if we want to leave a man who we no longer want to be with but maybe we live with him. We need money to make that change. In certain areas in the book. Not knowing a pricing theory nor understanding the strategic purpose of having systems and teams still this book help you to give it a try.

Sometimes reflecting things that we do wrong helps us to be a better person. High level of enthusiasm is needed if you all want to be millionaires.

Early like the way that she opens this book, the very first sentences that she uses is actually a quote from Madam CJ Walker that says “ America doesn’t respect anything but money.” So the way the book is structured, It’s in two parts. Motivation to opt easy side hustles for extra money is of crucial importance.

First Part of the Book

The first part is million dollar behaviors, where she’s really talking about the mindset that are required to build wealth, things like telling yourself a different story, learning to make what she calls million. Dollar decisions, which are high value decisions that add things like prosperity and peace and joy into your life versus making bad decisions, which is an acronym for most important decisions that do the opposite.

Second Part of the Book

 The second part of the book is million dollar roadmap where she’s really giving you tactical, tactical approaches to building your wealth plan. The second part of the book is million dollar system which is really about the habits and the beliefs about the value that you bring to the table and how to price for that, and how to build the team to support that and the systems that you need to create, to finally get aggressive with timelines.

And that last part that getting aggressive with timelines is the part that I really appreciated, because it’s very easy to walk away from a book like this and create a long list of action items that are going to take you six months or 12 months to accomplish. Keeping the track of your accomplishments will guide you in your journey to select right side hustle that is easy and pays you extra money.

What Rachel challenged you to do is to move right now, she actually has a chapter where she’s talking about this $10,000 in 10 days challenge that she posed to members of her membership group, but she also posted it to you the reader, which is to figure out how to make $10,000 in 10 days and she gives you a long list of ideas to get the creative juices flowing as well as a list of pitfalls to avoid what not to do to make $10,000 and I really appreciated this chapter because again, it lit a fire to learn.

At the end of the day, even if you don’t read it because I want to help so I tell you what the secret is to making $10,000 in 10 days. The secret is that you must need to sell to get to that goal. in context to easy side hustle you need to perform a challenge; that will explore you. Once you get to the point where it become obvious to you that you find that easy side hustle that will make you earn extra money. Then it will surely change you in a way millionaires transform.


And I know that’s not what a lot of us want to hear is not what I want to hear most days but it’s absolutely true and it is so so necessary for us to overcome our fears of selling to be able to achieve our financial goals. So whether it’s selling yourself, and I asked him to your boss for a raise or applying for a new job, or selling a product, or even just selling from the stuff around your house.


Q: How the book helps a beginner ?

Ans: The book provides a step by step course of action for anyone for beginners.

Q: How to become a Millionaire ?

Ans: The book answers this question by telling the authors own story and also by challenging the readers to follow a path of selling. Also emphasis selling is the key towards becoming a millionaire.

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