Is $120k a good salary

Unlock the Potential: Is $120k a Good Salary? Learn How to Supercharge Your Spending Strategy

One of the biggest attitudes of our life which we want to balance is a good salary. All your monthly expenses and other expenditures rely on your income. If you have a good salary, you can easily manage all the expenditures easily. But if you do have not enough income which fulfills your monthly expenses, you live a tough life with a lot of struggle. Are you looking for a job that pays you $120k monthly? Or do you want to know whether is $120k a good salary or not?

In this post, I will discuss whether is $120k a good salary or not and all other aspects like how much you get monthly, weekly and hourly basis. What sort of lifestyle do you live with a $120k salary? 

How much do you get monthly with a $120k salary? 

The number $120k is the big number and it will help you to handle all financial situations and you live a good life with it. A $120,000 annual wage equals $10,000 each month.

With a $120,000 salary, this is the gross income, nevertheless. aaaBefore you can think about utilizing your money for rent, food, or other items, you must think about taxes and other payments.

How much do you get hourly with a $120k salary? 

According to US labor statistics, a wage of $120 per year is equivalent to about $60 per hour if you work a 40-hour week. The US median hourly wage, which is about $16.50, is more than doubled by this amount.

Is $120k a good salary

How much tax do you pay on a $120k salary? 

Before deciding how to spend your money, you must take the tax on your income into account. Depending on where you work, where you reside, and whether you receive any assistance, your actual income may change.

The following are the current federal tax brackets that apply to a $120,000 salary:

  • Up to $9,950 – 10% of the taxable income
  • Over $9,950 but $40,525 – $995 plus 12% of not over the excess over $9,950
  • Over $40,525 but not over $86,375 – $4,664 plus 22% of the amount over $40,525
  • Over $86,375 but not over $164,925 – $14,751 plus 24% of the amount over $86,375

Accordingly, you would pay around $19,000 in federal taxes on a $120,000 yearly paycheck. This could change, so be sure to calculate exactly how much money you’ll need to set aside for things like taxes, social security, pension payments, etc.

What kind of lifestyle do I live with $120k? 

The amount of money required to lead a comfortable living is one of the most frequently asked questions. Of course, everyone has a different sense of what a comfortable lifestyle is; for some, it may be fairly simple, while for others, it may be a luxurious one.

Working out your ideal lifestyle is the best approach to determining whether is $120k a good salary or not. You must decide how much of your income will be used to cover your debts, other expenses, and rent or mortgage payments. Following that, you may determine how much spare income you will have and what purchases this will enable you to make. 

On the other side, you might discover that a respectable salary does not go as far if you have numerous dependents. Anyone you must support financially, including your children, parents, siblings, or anyone else, will require a cost to be deducted from your income. As a result, you will have less money available to buy the things you want, such as vacations, automobiles, clothes, etc. However, you should still discover that a good salary like $120,000 per year will enable you to live well unless you have a sizable number of dependents.

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Is $120k a good salary

Can I buy a house with $120k?

One of the main worries for most individuals is housing. Having a decent home that is spacious enough, in a nice area, and offers the amenities you desire is essential to living well. But it’s not a straightforward yes-or-no inquiry. The price of housing is influenced by a variety of factors.

You may typically find that you can afford housing in most regions if you question whether you can afford housing on a $120,000 salary.

Can I get a mortgage on a $120k salary? 

Yes, a mortgage should typically be available to anyone earning $120,000 annually. If you don’t have a deposit saved up or have a bad credit history, there can be an exemption.

Mortgage lenders often enable borrowers to borrow up to four or five times their annual salary. This means that if you earn $120,000 a year, you might be able to get mortgages totaling about $600,000.

Naturally, this does not imply that you must borrow a lot of money. Although $120,000 is more than the typical US salary, you might find that a house can be purchased in some places for considerably less. The average price of a home in the US was $374,900, therefore you can find far less expensive homes. 


Hope so this article will fulfill all your queries about whether is $120k a good salary or not. It might be really exciting to earn $120,000. When a household’s income is significantly higher than the US median household income, many people consider themselves to be upper middle class. 

It’s critical to monitor your earnings and living costs. Without finding your earrings and living costs you will never decide whether is $120k a good salary or not. A respectable salary of $120,000 should allow the majority of individuals to live comfortably with some extra money left over for luxuries and enjoyment. However, if you believe you will have trouble, it is necessary to seek financial advice because your lifestyle may still be more expensive than your income.

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